Sunday, October 9, 2011

The key for understanding!

 Ten years is that a man who named Porpira is saying that "Takhtejamshid" never was finished but no body attention him but I believe him and think it is the key for understanding all of things in The lords secrets.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Saving the world !!!

What is the big secret in Iran? 

The lords have all ways of wealth business. money and religious.

Them trade base is on the Abrahamic religions "Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Bahaism".

The leader of all religions are the Lords, as they are big capitalists.

Story started in Iran when they killed all good people of other religions in Persian land and extended the Ibrahim god religion to other religions.

This massacre had done at 2500 years ago and called "Purim" day
and the world history changed from a great civilization to a world with war and suffering and poverty /

This event perpetrators All are died today but the lords had hidden this big disaster and continue to are saying lies to people about all things the key of this subject is in Iran and Iraq.

It is antique objects and artifacts.

Leaders roles

Why overthrow Qaddafi and Mubarak, Bashar Assad is wrong?

Today the Liberal Democratic Capitalism is a failure we are seen that how this system in fact is server only for capitalist who control public opinion, and they impose their views to presidents.

presidents can not do what is truly expedient for people because they need vote of people. 

so a leader or a king is necessary for balancing between forces and guaranty for long time strategy.

but who must be leader?

Legitimacy is important and when you have a leader best option is using him.

On the other hand. Democracy must be learned it can not be obtained with war.

reform is the best way to achieve real democracy.

Who are responsible?

I know you do not want any body killed.

But you must know that what do The lords do by your government and your money.

In my country we have problem with local  The lords and international  The lords.

For example when rafsanjani group can not win in election bbc and voa and your government support non correct deceptive claims based on fraud in election and make a riot.

Or now american senators take money of mujaheddin khalgh that are a terrorism organisation for coming out from terrorism org list in america or through UN sanctions is a good way for earning money and this is a profitable subject for lobbying in America Senate.